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Sponsors and Partners - Providing the best for the members of Warwick Entrepreneurs

Warwick Entrepreneurs is proud to partner up with companies that embrace an entrepreneurial way of thinking and those that strive for constant improvement. For the academic year 2019/2020 we again are happy have partnered up with companies, in order for us to provide the best offering to our society’s members.


Sponsors for the academic year 2019/2020


Workshop 2: Enlist

Very few/no start-ups are a one man show- you need a team who buy into your product just as much as you do. We’ve all heard of Larry and Sergey, Jobs and Wozniak etc… but how does one actually find a co-founder and how can one begin to build the team needed to make the business happen? In this workshop, we will explore how to network like a pro, build a team and put what we have learnt to good use after, with a networking session following this event. This is your chance to meet like minded entrepreneurs and maybe even meet your next co-founder…


Workshop 3: Embark

Financing is often the biggest hurdle for a startup to overcome. You can have a great idea, a crack team, yet without sufficient capital, nothing can happen. This workshop will explore traditional routes of financing an early stage startup, as well as more unorthodox and creative ways of financing. If you’re interested in Venture Capital and how to pitch to investors, this is one not to miss.


Workshop 4: Evolve

How do we scale up our business and take it to the next level? How do we know when to pivot and change strategy and explore new challenges?

This workshop will look into ways and possibilities of getting the most out of your business idea and how to get comfortable with change. Being adaptable, and stop moving into a direction and change it up instead, even if this might not make sense at first sight, is vital for your business to succeed in the long-run.


Workshop 5: From Entrepreneur to intrapreneur

When businesses become large scale is often when they get complacent and experience a loss of competitive advantage. This workshop will explore the need to be an ‘intrapreneur’, that is retaining a level of entrepreneurship even when a business is operating at a large and even multi national scale. We will explore examples of innovation within some of the worlds best known businesses and what firms can do to stay ahead in the face of increasing market saturation and competition.

From Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur