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WE Connect - Warwick Entrepreneur’s Mentorship Programme for Student Entrepreneurs

Warwick Entrepreneurs have officially launched WE Connect, the first entrepreneurial mentorship scheme at the University of Warwick. WE Connect is a Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Programme connecting student entrepreneurs from the University of Warwick to professional entrepreneurs and industry experts.


How can WE Connect help you?

WE Connect is a unique opportunity for aspiring student entrepreneurs from the University of Warwick to turn their business ideas into reality. WE Connect Mentors will provide their own professional expertise and knowledge to guide you and your business idea in the right direction.

Mentorship work

How does the mentorship scheme Work?

We assign Mentors based on your business idea’s industry and the areas you require assistance with (e.g. marketing, financing, scaling up, legal…). Mentors will help you develop your idea further, help you overcome challenges and answer specific questions you might have on a 1 to 1 basis.

Depending on the current progress of your idea or business you will either start at stage 1 or directly at stage 2. Both pathways are designed to bring your idea to the next level and are described below.


Stage 1

After pitching your idea to us, you will first be assigned to a Stage 1 Mentor within the University of Warwick, to further develop your MVP. The Mentors may be students who have had previous experience launching their own business or have been exposed to entrepreneurship through Warwick Entrepreneurs or Warwick Enterprise.


Stage 2

Once you have developed a proven concept or MVP, guidance from more experienced individuals will be required. This is when you will be assigned professional entrepreneurs or industry experts outside the University, as Stage 2 Mentors. Students with a proven concept or MVP will enter directly in Stage 2.

Mentorship pathway

Companies founded by our mentors or where they have worked


Application to become a mentee is quick and easy

We are eager to help you get your business idea to the next level. We thus have decided to make the application as quick and easy for you as possible! Just fill out the necessary information in the contact form and submit a short 2-3 minute long elevator pitch via Youtube, Vimeo or Google Drive. The production quality of the audio and video is not important, it’s the idea that counts and interest us.
Once submitted, WE Connect’s team will review your pitch and then contact you to let you know whether you have been accepted into the programme.

If any questions arise, please feel free to drop us an email:

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