IMPACT Summit is Warwick Entrepreneur’s flagship event, a one day forum on the 16th of November, run primarily through sponsorship to allow students and aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to visit. Our primary goal is to inspire more people to become founders by inspiring them to come up with new ideas, encouraging them to start building and testing and giving them the right skills and sources to learn as well as finally succeed.


Inspirational Speakers

Our inspirational speakers talk about cutting-edge technology, ideas and research. They push our society in new directions, turn everything upside down and leave no question unasked. With their topics they are often ten years ahead of everyone else.

Past inspirational speakers came from tech firms like Google, worldwide renowned universities and other creative powerhouses.


Motivational Speakers

Our motivational speakers have an outstanding record of achievement and / or recovery from failure. They go places no one else has been before, work however hard needed to achieve their goals and drive the bus we’re all sitting in.

Past motivational speakers have been young founders, turned entrepreneurial change makers and multi-millionaires as well as outstanding senior managers from all industries.


Expert speakers

Our expert speakers showcase remarkable skills and experience in fields from genetic engineering to data science and material research. They help us find new and better ways to produce, move, electrify. At IMPACT Summit they show us tangible progress and make science understandable.

Past expert speakers worked on medical and technological innovations that have taken a permanent place in our everyday lives.



FROM Mind-blowing Keynote Speakers,

As every year we have selected the finest speakers to present in brief and ever more exciting keynote sessions about their work, ideas and personal stories. We will be publishing individual speaker names closer to the date but rest assured that from the most fascinating startup to the biggest consultancy and tech firm, we’ve got you covered.



To Engaging Workshops,

Our workshops are designed to be as interactive as possible and nothing like the boring powerpoint presentations other conferences accustomed you to. In a small group you will have a chance to participate continually, come up with new ideas and engage directly with our outstanding hosts. Workshops run throughout the day.



Enriching Career Fairs,

The summit’s careers fair features start-ups and dynamic companies who’s employees are actually passionate about their work and have an impact every single day. Whether you just want to talk to people from the industry, explore businesses or secure your next job, this one is for you.



And Unusual Networking Sessions.

Our conference includes a network lunch as well as a more exclusive optional network dinner at a cozy venue nearby. Both occasions allow you to expand your network as well as follow up with more questions on the talks and workshops you participated in earlier. To make the networking experience as unusual as possible we have partnered with a local startup that reinvents the way you meet new people.