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An Organisation of Disruptors

Warwick Entrepreneurs is the ideal place for all things innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship. We aim to give you a feeling for life as rethinker and give you the tools to succeed in any situation by coming up and implementing new ideas and processes. There’s no industry or career path we target, our only goal is to cultivate and nurture a spirit of disruption.

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Greetings from our society’s 35th President

Welcome to Warwick Entrepreneurs!

Founded in 2007, Warwick Entrepreneurs has grown to be the biggest society with a focus of Entrepreneurship at the University of Warwick. We feel responsible for not only helping students of all backgrounds to develop their ideas but also to foster the general entrepreneurial spirit on our campus.

Entrepreneurship in Europe is on the rise but compared to countries such as the United States we are still lagging behind in terms of open possibilities and knowledge access for students. Our goal over the years as a society has always been to provide these settings and insights to students via an increasing offer of events, entrepreneurial challenges, and our mentorship scheme. We fully believe that good ideas can come from everywhere and that the “entrepreneurial way of thinking” is not only applicable while building a business from scratch, but also to improve methods in an existing business. This is why we provide a wide variety of events to students from all experience levels and degrees, to learn about Entrepreneurship and how to start and grow your own company.

We look forward to this upcoming year and hope to see you at many of our future events! In the meantime, do feel free to reach out to any of our more than 10 executives with any questions or suggestions. We always try to help and improve our offers.



President of Warwick Entrepreneurs


Our Values

A society with purpose and passion

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation with a highly flexible structure. If you have an idea we will give you the support to succeed, but we will also leave room for constructive failure.

Freedom of thought is our highest value and no idea is useless until tried.

Our partners share these values and support us in reaching our goals while benefiting from access to hundreds of ambitious student innovators and graduates. 


Impact Summit

A conference about more than speeches

Our society’s flagship event, open for the public, is the yearly impact summit entered around disruptive entrepreneurs from all levels and fields. An event made to inspire, rethink and innovate.

Thanks to out partners and unusual structure we are able to host the summit at an extremely low cost enabling students and outsiders from all backgrounds to visit the conference and engage with leading thinkers and companies.